Meta Age of Empires

Game Story

Natural conditions are becoming increasingly harsh as the earth's climate changes. The soil layers have thickened and become tougher, the temperature of the lava has suddenly increased, and the jungle has become increasingly deadly. Since nature is so harsh, extracting rare resources becomes increasingly difficult and strenuous. Unable to tolerate this scenario any longer, the idea of inventing designs to upgrade old cyborgs into new cyborgs with superhuman working capacities eventually emerged. Under the designation MAoE, new cyborgs were gradually perfected day by day. They have the ability to achieve extraordinary strength and speed. Nature's interference is no longer an issue for them, and their efficiency has substantially improved. The first-mined stones are worth many times the value of the usual stone edge. Twenty years later, the pepper mines are now a railway line allowing people to cross the mountains, a spectacular city has been developed, and numerous unknown jewels are becoming increasingly visible as a result of cyborgs with incredible power. From now, a new era, the decade of MAoE, has begun.