Meta Age of Empires

Problems and Solutions


  • In terms of providing a gaming experience, the NFT gaming sector is restricted. Instead of paying greater attention to user input, the manufacturers are mainly concerned with the in-game revenue methods. Furthermore, the game’s path is unclear, causing players to feel bored during play.
  • It will be difficult for individuals unfamiliar with the NFT or blockchain space to keep track of token pricing. After the game debuted, the token price skyrocketed, and many newcomers abandoned the game due to a lack of funds to continue.
  • Finally, doubts about token inflation and acts of vandalism in the game are raised by the potential risks of hacking and third-party software.


  • Focusing on gameplay but still maintaining the easy points in game mode to keep up with the trend is our priority. Then users will be trained to play the game based on logic and skills to make money instead of "click to earn". Game visuals will be updated continuously to improve players' experience.
  • The game has a stable ROI mechanism to ensure fairness between early players and newbies.
  • Blind spots and random selections will be created for the security system to restrict hackers from penetrating into the game.