Meta Age of Empires


The game is inspired by the cinematic machines with the use of Cyborgs to carry out tasks that cannot be done by human power, especially underground exploration. The game has brought a future perspective where the underground contains valuable minerals. Using Cyborgs to start underground mining in search of rare in-game resources and artifacts. The obtained items are usually used for trading and exchanging under the MAoE token.
The game includes two ways to play: Single play and PvP.

Single Play

In the single play, there are three options for players to select. With the "quickplay mechanism", players just need to let the machine dig without doing anything. After a few seconds, players will receive the in-game resources. The second one is autoplay which you need to enter the captcha code then you will receive the reward after a few seconds. Another option for players to choose is that they can direct the Cyborg's movement when mining by "self-control mechanism", and the amount of earned token relies on players' skills. Each turn of the self-control mechanism will be limited in 3 minutes.


To boost competitiveness in the game, PvP mode will be created. In PvP mode, cyborgs will battle to maximize earnings. The system will select a pair and pick the map. Following that, two participants will agree to bet a certain number of tokens and begin mining. After estimated minutes, which Cyborg can mine more gems will receive all the tokens.


The game has five distinct playing areas. Different lands and experiences await gamers on every new map. The map will also be able to interact with cyborgs, as well.
  • Volcán de Magma
  • Snowland
  • Arazonia
  • Metállo
  • Satahama


Inspired by nature, the game builds the aspects of Cyborgs and maps with 5 main elements:
  • Magma
  • Ice
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Sand
In order to increase the challenge as well as bring logic to the game, Cyborgs with the same element as the environment will be increased with speed or strength indicators.


The player's powerful digging tools with great power can help people overcome many types of terrain. Giving players an unlimited source of power as well as an eye-catching shape with many diverse races and systems.
  • Magma
  • Ice
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Sand
Besides, the Cyborgs are also divided into many levels from low to high with hidden stats and powers that will also help you be more excited in owning your favorite Cyborgs:
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Ultra Rare
  • Legendary
With the item boxes from the store, you can completely hunt for Cyborgs with the high-level clan and bring many advantages to the game.


​Each Cyborg has basic attributes to support during the game, including:
  • Movement: Moving easily between the dug cells.
  • Drill blade: The deeper the soil, the harder it is, upgrade to dig stronger.
  • Storage: Limited capacity, need to return to the warehouse to refresh the storage space.

Type of Equipment