General Situation

Cryptocurrencies are rising in popularity as blockchain technology continues to dominate the news. This is due to the fact that they are valued and can disrupt the banking and financial systems. NFT, on the other hand, has recently gotten a lot of attention and created a lot of buzzes. For example, the NFT industry has grown up to 700% till the December of 2021.

Game NFT Industry

The video gaming industry (and the use of NFTs) has fast become one of the most important catalysts of broad blockchain adoption. Many gaming behemoths have realized this and are pouring a vast sum of money towards the creation of blockchain-based video games or features. Blockchain technology and its plethora of possibilities are set to infiltrate gamers’ daily lives in the next few years. In total, venture capitals have invested more than 1 billion USD in blockchain technology projects. But the most notable point among them is the NFT game, which has been reheated with the addition of the metaverse "engine".
This is why MAoE has found a way to combine the blockchain and NFT-based gaming worlds into a next-generation concept and create a universe of unique digital items.

The Way of MAoE

The future of blockchain video games will first come with Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). Specifically, these identifiable tokens are unique and can be used to represent virtual assets.
MAoE makes blockchain technology accessible to ordinary consumers through these strategies:
  • Tokenization of digital items.
  • The concept of playing and learning to earn money.
A friendly concept that is created based on consumers' passion for blockchain technology.
  • An open platform that welcomes users of different technical expertise.
  • The revenue-based model can be maintained with the MAoE value inflation limit.
We intend to transform the blockchain world in terms of technology by bringing digital collections, digital scarcity, and non-fungible tokens to practical application in the video games world. As a result, a growing number of typical customers are learning how distributed ledger technology works. People can observe how the blockchain industry is expanding and how it can be utilized outside of the banking sector.
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