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Dear all of our potential players, users, and investors.
We are delighted to bring MAoE to you, where you may have a unique gaming experience, and most importantly make money at the same time!

MAoE's Details

Our game development team has years of expertise building high-quality technology projects. Over the years, we have pondered and undertaken numerous groundbreaking projects in the gaming industry in order to provide gamers with amazing experiences. Now, owing to blockchain technology and the NFT (Non-Fungible-Token), we can achieve that aim. We are able to add actual value to our in-game characters and products by encoding them into NFTs and creating a market for them.

MAoE's Aim

Our goal is to create a world-class NFT ecosystem in the blockchain environment that provides long-term value to our users and investors. A vast ecosystem of BSC-based games, a highly liquid NFT Marketplace, world-class collections, and the MAoE global community with 200,000 members to begin with. Please read our whitepaper to learn about excellent money-making opportunities from MAoE!
Finally, thank you for being a member of the MAoE community.
The following is a statement from the MAoE team.
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